Directions for Posting iMovie Trailer
1. Create a new page (click the plus sign next to Pages and Files at the top of the page).
2. Name the page (Topic, hour, first name, last initial for each group member for ex. Arsenic1Colleen V and Lyn K)
3. Tag the page: your hour and the word "element", not your specific element i.e. element1) all lowercase nospaces.
4. Click Create5. Embed your iMovie on this page.
5a. Click the Widget icon at the top. Click on Video, the YouTube.
5b. Under your video click on the word "share." then under that click on the word "embed."
5c. Your embed code will be in the rectangular box. Copy it and go to the wiki page.
5d. Paste the embed code onto the wiki page, then click save.
6 Click Save on the wiki page.
7. On the same wiki page Click edit.
8. Post your citations as a word file (click green icon above and upload from h-drive)
9. Click Save

Xenon4 Maren K. and Lucas B.